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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Paytm fastag installetion, use, recharge,and charges

Paytm fastag installetion, use, recharge,and charges

Paytm fastag installetion, use, recharge,and charges

Fastag is the toll taken on the road which has now been made a new way to pay digitally in modern times which is called fastag

FastTag is a pre-pad rechargeable tag for toll collection that allows automatic payment deductions from FastTag. FastTrack is pasted onto your vehicle's windscreen. With the help of FastTag, you will not need to stop your vehicle at the toll plaza for toll payment. The barcode of the fasttag installed on your windscreen will be scanned and paid as soon as the vehicle is installed by the automatic camera. Le Plaza will exceed vehicle windscreen will cut bank toll account or prepaid wallet associated with Fastrek pasted on

A secure fastag radio frequency identification (RFID) works on  technology. It has no expiry date. Such payments cannot be tampered with. Here is the modern technology of payment which is absolutely secure, in this you will have to toll the vehicle in the toll plaza. But there is no need to wait for long

How can you buy Fastag

You can also purchase Fastag through Paytm. In this, you have to pay ₹ 500, out of which Rs. 400 will be charged and ₹ 100 will be deposited in your Fastag wallet.

Fastag can also be made through a registered bank, you can make Fastag from the bank where you have an account, then the payment of Fastag will be deducted from the same account in which the bank has your account.
Paytm fastag installetion
Paytm has been considered the simple technique of Fastag because it is also very easy to register in it and you can register in it yourself and in it, you will get other information about Fastag payment from your Paytm wallet, you will find it in the Paytm app. You can manage Fastag from your Paytm app.

So let's know how you can register on Fastag from Paytm?

 for fastag registration through Paytm, you have to open your mobile's Paytm app, in this you will see a section of Paytm fastg or toll on the home screen, on which you click, you will get to see the window here.

Paytm fastag installetion, use, recharge,and charges

paytm fastag recharge,and charges

In this service run from 2019 20 onwards, you will also get a cashback of 2.5% which will be credited to the Paytm wallet in Fastag taken by Paytm.

 Fastag is very easy to recharge. In this you just need to add money to your Paytm wallet. Fastag will automatically reserve an amount from the same. You can get the detail receipt for every transaction available in the passbook section on the Paytm app.

 You can register Paytm Fastag with less documents, here you will get the facility in Paytm's app.

 It is very easy to register cars, jeeps and even four wheelers in fastag registration through Paytm, for this you will need the registration number of the car, which will be asked to you after clicking on the fastag section in Paytm's app.

 After entering the registration number, you will see the billing of ₹ 500 at the same place and below you will be asked the PIN code of your area, after filling the PIN code of the area, fill your full address and click on Buy Now.

Paytm fastag installetion

So that your registration will be successful and within 5 to 7 days a QR code of Fastrack will be sent to your address, which you will install on the windscreen of your car, so that the payment on the toll plaza will be automatic.

 For any other type of problem or information you can also call the toll free number 1800 102 6480

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