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Monday, December 30, 2019

Paytm first membership benefits apply use in english

What is Paytm First?

Paytm has launched Paytm First, a subscription based loyalty program in India. The company has already launched an update for Android and iOS users should receive it by March 7th. Paytm First will be in direct competition with the likes of Amazon Prime and Flipkart Plus. Back in 2017, it entered the B2C retail shopping space with Paytm Mall. The goal of this new endeavor is to initiate its current financial turmoil and increase customer retention.

Paytm First is the premium of Paytm just like Amazon Prime of Amazon, Flipkart is Flipcard Prime. Similarly, Paytm First is considered the premium version of Paytm. In Paytm First you get some more cashback and loyalty offers from the normal Paytm account.

benefits of paytm first membership

 In it you will see Jomato Gold, Uber, Uber Eats, Gaana, Sony Live, Paytm Cashback, Paytm Flight, Paytm Movies, Oyo, Erosnow and many attractive partners on which you can get maximum cashback.
This program has been offered for special purchase on Paytm Mall with unlimited free and priority shipping. After taking it you are given a discount of delivery charge all over India.

Paytm First is an annual membership that offers many benefits to members.

 Paytm First has also launched its Paytm Credit Card, which you can use for an annual fee of ₹ 500 to over 50,000 per year.

Paytm credit card is similar to the credit cards of other banks whereby you offer the Visa network for retailers and airline transactions and and offer and and offer and and offer and and use this card issued by the bank issued by Citibank You can apply for Paytm Credit Card directly from Paytm app.

Paytm Prime vs Amazon Prime vs Flipkart Plus Comparison

Loyalty program value advantage

Paytm first Rs. 750 / year

Unlimited free and preferential shipping on eligible products

Priority 24 × 7 customer service

Amazon Prime Rs. 999 / year or Rs. 129 / month

Unlimited free one day and two days delivery on eligible items

Unlimited video streaming on Prime Video

Unlimited, ad-free music streaming with Amazon Prime.

Read as much as you want on the Kindle apps.

30 minutes initial access to lightning contract.

Flipkart Plus 50 Membership Coins *

Free and fast delivery

Early access to sales

Priority customer support

* The six memberships in the Flipkart Plus section are listed below.

Paytm first @ Rs. 750 / year

First of all, as an initial offer, you can get Rs.100 cashback for a limited time. So, for the first year, your effective price is Rs. 650.

After cleaning it up, here are the amazing offers with Paytm First:

Bring flat. 30 Paytm Cashback in Adding Minutes. Rs. 500 in your Paytm wallet every month. The offer is valid for 12 months.

Gun annual membership is Rs. 399 (valid: 12 months)

Wink Music has an annual subscription of Rs. 999 (valid: 1 year)

Sony Live annual subscription is Rs. 499 (valid: 12 months)

View premium is Rs. 297 (valid: 90 days)

Eros Now has an annual membership of Rs. 470 (valid: 1 year)

1000 / month value recovery (valid: 180 days)

Uber Eats Rs. 2400 (valid: 12 months)

Zomato gold price at Rs. 600 (valid: 3 months)

Rs. 100 cashback on 1 ticket per month, valid for 12 months

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Amazon Prime @ Rs. 999 / year or Rs. 129 / month

Amazon Prime Unlimited free and fast delivery, video streaming, ad-free music, exclusive access to deals and Rs. 999 / year or Rs. 129 / month.

The opt-in offers with Amazon Prime are as follows:

Unlimited free one day and two days delivery on eligible items

Unlimited streaming of exclusive Indian and American blockbuster movies, TV shows and Amazon originals on Prime Video.

100,000 songs. Unlimited. Advertising is free. Free now with Amazon Prime.

Read as much as you want from hundreds of qualified e-books, comics and more on the Kindle app.

30 minutes initial access to lightning contract.

Flipkart Plus: Free with catch

Of these three, Flipkart Plus is actually a loyalty program. Of the three, it was postponed independently, yet caught. It gives gifts to regular customers who buy products regularly from Flipkart.

With each purchase Rs. 250 and, you earn 1 Reward Coin. You can earn up to 10 coins from one order. Even if your order is more than your 2,500, you can only earn 10 coins. If you have 50 such coins, you can get a plus membership. 

 How to take Paytm First membership

 To take Paytm First membership, you have to open your Paytm app, scroll left side on it, you will see a new window in which you will see the option of Paytm First a little below, click on it, it will pay its fee there ₹ 750 so that you Paytm will become the prime member and you will start getting the benefits of Paytm First.

paytm first membership review

Paytm First @ Rs. 750/year. First and foremost, as an inaugural offer, you could get a cashback worth Rs 100 for a limited time. So, for the first year,


Paytm First: Rs. 750/year

Loyalty Programmes: Price

Flipkart Plus: 50 Membership Coins.

How to Get Paytm First Membership?


It is very easy to get Paytm First Membership, you can choose any of the options out of these two below-


On Web- 

1.    Go to Paytm First Membership page and scroll down to find the QR Code

2.    Scan the QR Code from your Paytm app to get the subscription

3.    Or you can fill the form adjacent to the QR code and click on “Submit” 

On Paytm App-

1.    Launch your Paytm App on aindroid phone

2.    Click on “Show More” button on the Paytm homepage

3.    Click on the “Featured Tab” on the page and open Paytm First

4.    Click on “Browse Plan” and check the list of plan

5.    Select the plan that suits the most for your need and proceed to buy it

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