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Thursday, December 26, 2019

PAYTM FOR BUSSINESS review and use

what is paytm business

Paytm for Business is a service run by Paytm that is a simple way for merchants to accept digital payments, named Paytm for Business in Paytm. Paytm for Business allows you to take money online from anyone. No charge is levied on For Business. Here is a free facility run by Paytm which is available for merchants.
The facility of direct transfer from the customer's bank to the merchant's bank is available on Paytm with 0% commission and this facility was mostly used at the time of demonetisation in 2017, which made it easier for people to buy goods and this made India Got a lot of support in making digital

It is very easy to register on Paytm for Business. To register in this, you need to have an account in a Paytm Violet or Paytm through which you can register on Paytm for Business. This registration is absolutely free, you can do it yourself. And can also get any agent, no agent charges for registration on Paytm for Business here SUvidha absolutely FREE.

How to use Paytm for Business

Paytm for Business is very easy to use, in this you will be given a bar code by the Paytm company, which will open your business account in any customer, if you scan that barcode from Paytm or others, in which you can accept payment. And you can get the payment you want from the customer
The special thing about Paytm for Business is that it does not charge any kind of payment to both the customer and the merchant, that payment payment on Paytm business can be done through any other app, also through Bhima UPI. can be done.

To register on Paytm for Business, you will need a bank account number and a PAN card from which you can register and take advantage of Paytm for Business in the name of your shop or business.

To pay on Paytm for Business, you can easily go to any platform of UPI, whether you are opening Bhima UPI on Google or any other UPI platform, you can easily go to the scan and pay option in that QT of Paytm for Business. You can make a payment by scanning the code in which you will not be charged in any way and the money will be directly transferred from your bank account to the merchant's bank account. So that you can make your shopping easier

According to the 2018 survey, the merchant accounts of Paytm have grown to more than 15 million today which have made their business even easier and are using the facility of digital payment in their shop or their business so that their customers They also like it very much and do not bother to keep a case in them, which the customers like a lot

There is no possibility of any kind of fraud when payment is received by Paytm Business. It is absolutely safe here that you can use it easily and grow your business more.

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