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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Paytm money investment, use and review in english

Paytm money investment, use and review
Paytm money investment, use and review

paytm money mutul funds: Paytm Money is a service of India's largest company, Paytm, which provides service to its users to invest in Mutual Funds, through Paytm Money, you can invest in Mutual Funds, to invest in it, you have SIP system. Is also given so that you can also invest in monthly funds in monthly installments

With Paytm Money, you can easily invest in Mutual Fund Share Market, registration on Paytm Money is not charged from you, there is a free service here.

Cactegory wise mutual funds

                                                  Paytm money investment, use and review

How to register on Paytm Money

It is very easy to register on Paytm Money. To register on Paytm Money, you must have a Paytm account which is required to have full KYC. To register in Paytm Money, you can login with the mobile number from which you can register on your Paytm account. To register on Paytm Money, you need to have PAN card, Aadhaar card and bank passbook. All these documents You can register yourself on Paytm Money and invest in Mutual Funds.

Mutual funds can invest in your money in small amounts and give very good returns.

After Paytm Mall, Paytm Wallet in Paytm launched its Paytm Money app here, through this app you can invest in mutual funds, through the app you will not have to pay any kind of charge to invest in mutual funds, all here for absolutely free.

So let us tell you how you can invest in a mutual fund with Paytm money.

In Paytm Money, you will get to see all the categories of mutual funds such as equity funds, debt funds and hybrid funds.

Paytm money investment, use and review

How to start Paytm Money Investment and use

To make Paytm money mein investment, you will have to go to Android's Play Store and search for Paytm Money, download Paytm Money app, then you will have to register with your Paytm number so that you will be logged into Paytm Money.

 Step-1 As soon as you open the Paytm Money app, you will see different categories of mutual funds, in this you will see different categories like Equity Dept Balance, here you will get the top rated fund and mutual fund from the fund manager. Will get an option Availeble here.

Step 2 Now click on any category you want to invest, after clicking on it, you will see the complete information of that fund, after that you will have to click on the Invest Pay, after that you will see some such window.

step 3 In this window you will find options like Top Rating Investment Idea Fund Manager and MC You can search here all in which company you want to invest in which manager and in which scheme you want to invest Here everyone can get it from here and invest in it.

Step 4 After this, a full list of related funds will open in front of you, type here on any fund you want to invest in, as soon as you type it, you will get complete information about that fund, including its performance including the fund manager and other information. You will get this and you will also get to see the portfolio record for the last 5 years so that you can get an idea here which company has made which scheme Switch to is how much growth.

step 5 After getting the necessary information about the funds, you have to click on Invest Now, after that you can also invest through the Systematic Investment Plan and you can also invest in Lum Sum where you can get at least some schemes. You can start investing from ₹ 100, in which you have to deposit monthly ₹ 100.

Step 6 After this, you have to decide on which date you would like to give your SIP installment, how much will be the date for this, but you are also given the opportunity to invest a large amount of money simultaneously.

Step 7 Now you will have to click on the button to process payment and click on it and after that you will be asked to make a through payment of Net Banking UPI according to your payment and you will get invested in Mutual Fund here. Can view your portfolio to see the status.

Paytm money investment, use and review

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