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Thursday, January 2, 2020

How to Change mobile number in Paytm

Change mobile number in Paytm

Friends, it is quite easy to change the phone number in Paytm, here in Paytm, you have given the facility to your customer that there can be any change related to Paytm from just one of your mobile apps, there will not be any kind of restriction on you.

This facility and discount has been given to everyone from the day, so you can change your Paytm number as many times as you want, choose this number in your Paytm account. The will as well as changes in your Paytm payment bank.

Paytm often offers more than one service to woo their customers, which makes their customers very happy. Today, the Paytm application has downloaded more than 100 million buys. This is the reason that Paytm understands the problem of its customers. And I am able to solve them as soon as possible

How to Change mobile number in Paytm

follow steps to change mobile number in paytm

To change the mobile number in Paytm, 
open the Paytm app, 
it will show 3 lines on the left side,
 click on them, after that click on the profile, 
after clicking on the iron profile, 
you will be from the next window in which you will get the option of update phone number. 
You can change your phone number right there

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